Seventeen yachts, seven nations, 27,000 miles at sea: 1973 marks the year a sailing trip around the world turned into a race. But when the first Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race sets off from Portsmouth, England, it’s not only the Empire’s most renowned sailing teams on the start line. There’s a dark horse in the competition: Ramón Carlín, aptly named the Weekend Sailor, decides to take part and he’s got company: With a motley crew of friends and family and next to no sailing experience, the 50-year-old Mexican embarks on a voyage to remember. Shunned by the press at first, Carlín turns into the unlikely hot contender of the race. THE WEEKEND SAILOR tells the legendary story of a man the sailing world wasn’t ready for.

Title: The Weekend Sailor
Lenght: 40 min
Tour: Best of International OCEAN FILM TOUR
Direction: Bernardo Arsuaga
Ramón Carlín, Enrique Carlín
Lieber Films in association with Corkcicle & Ripcurl
Production Country: MEXICO
Production Year: 2016